Circle of Hope

Circle of Hope Monthly Giving Program

CASA of New Hampshire relies heavily on donations to continue supporting the work of volunteer advocates throughout the state. When you become a sustaining donor by giving monthly, you create a lasting impact on victimized children in your community who are in need of a caring, compassionate adult to speak for their voice in the court room.

Benefits of becoming a sustaining donor:

  • You are still able to make a large contribution to CASA, but in a more affordable fashion!
  • Support at your own pace! You can easily choose an amount that works for your monthly budget.
  • You receive less mail! Don’t worry, we will still keep you updated on our upcoming events through email, but you will not receive our annual solicitations via mail.

Every child deserves a safe, permanent home, and we hope you will join our Circle of Hope to start making a difference.

Credit Card vs. Direct Debit

We encourage all of our donors to use the Direct Debit function to make your monthly donations. Direct Debit donations are convenient (you don’t have to remember to update your card information when it expires or is lost) and there are smaller processing fees encumbered by CASA of NH – ensuring that more of your donation amount is going directly into our programs.