Donated Legal Services from New Hampshire Law Firms

Over the years, CASA of New Hampshire has been fortunate to develop partnerships with local law firms and private attorneys who graciously offer their services at no cost. While CASA has three staff attorneys who manage the legal issues of CASA’s child protection cases statewide, legal matters occasionally arise that require expertise and resources beyond our means. In FY 2021, CASA gratefully received legal services donated by the law firms of Devine Millimet, McLane Middleton, and Nixon Peabody.

For many firms, the desire to provide this type of work is rewarding, and valued within their company culture. “McLane Middleton has a strong sense that we should give back to the community where we live and work. We ask our lawyers to give 50 hours a year of pro bono services, and encourage our lawyers to get involved in their communities and serve on nonprofit boards,” explained Attorney Bill Glahn, Director in the Litigation Department at McLane Middleton.

Donating legal services can be beneficial to the firm as well. Although rare, CASA cases that reach the New Hampshire Supreme Court require assistance from larger law firms, since CASA does not have the resources or capacity to handle complex appeals. In these cases, newer associates often have the opportunity to work with experienced attorneys to write the briefs and argue the cases in front of the Supreme Court. The newer associate gains experience and CASA receives invaluable legal expertise. In FY 2021, Attorneys Bill Glahn, Andrea Schweitzer, and Lexi Cote of McLane Middleton, and Mark Knights and Nathan Warecki of Nixon Peabody provided appellate support.

CASA also seeks outside counsel on matters of immigration law which was provided by Nathan Warecki of Nixon Peabody in FY 2021. Many of CASA’s cases requiring immigration assistance involve children who were adopted into the United States from other countries and then enter into foster care. In some instances, children do not possess or have access to their immigration documents. Attorneys work with the CASA advocate and youth or child to apply to federal agencies to retrace the child or youth’s journey to the United States and to document their legal status in this country. The need to reproduce these documents is critically important to the child or youth as they seek to obtain driver’s licenses, apply for jobs, and achieve other milestones as they enter into adulthood.

CASA is also fortunate to receive legal assistance on internal organizational matters as well. Employment attorneys at McLane Middleton assisted with updating CASA’s Employee Handbook. Peg O’Brien, formerly of Devine Millimet and now McLane Middleton, provides regular support on employment law matters. Additionally, many of our past and present board members, including current Co-Chair David Eby of Devine Millimet, as well as volunteer advocates, have experience working in legal professions.

CASA of NH is extremely fortunate to have the assistance of local law firms and attorneys who believe in our mission, vision, and values. We are exceptionally grateful for the donation of their time and services to support CASA’s work advocating for the abused and neglected children in New Hampshire.