Celebrating Our 10-Year Advocates in 2021

This year, 7 CASA volunteer advocates celebrate 10 years providing a voice for New Hampshire’s children. As part of our upcoming annual celebration, we would like to recognize them for their compassion and dedication to our children who need a strong advocate for their futures.

Linda Armirotto

Linda is an amazing CASA who has such a knack of finding the BEST in a person, whether it be her CASA child or a parent/relative.  Linda’ s writing ability is legendary, and her attention to detail in her court reports about a child or the child’s experiences has been praised by attorneys and judges.  Linda is determined to find the best fit for a child, even if it means pushing the issues and making people work a little harder.  She is so generous with her time that she gives to CASA and her case!  I truly wish I could duplicate Linda and her talents many times over. And at the end of a long day or week, Linda’s my absolute “go-to” for a good perspective on things.”    Jenny Sheehan, Program Manager 


Pam Clark

Pam has advocated for 25 children from 15 families in her 10 years as a CASA/GAL volunteer. She also serves as a peer coordinator and has mentored 10 new advocates in this role. Pam approaches her work with confidence and tenacity—no detail is too small. Pam takes the time to understand how those details impact the best interests of the children and youth she advocates for and turns observation into action. Some of Pam’s cases have been incredibly complex, but she deftly navigates those challenges with enthusiasm and compassion. The insights she is able to provide on her cases has proved invaluable to the court’s decision-making and the long-term best interests of the children on her cases. She is truly an asset! – Jen Curran, program manager


Cotton Cleveland

Cotton Cleveland in her role as a CASA exemplifies perseverance and professionalism. Over the last 10 years, Cotton has brought these traits to CASA the organization, but more importantly she has brought these traits to the eight families and 20 CASA youth that she has devoted countless hour to serving.

For Cotton perseverance means taking on complex cases and staying the course year after year despite what often appear to be insurmountable case challenges. She approaches her CASA children, their parents, DCYF and the courts with professionalism regardless of the situation. One can always count on Cotton to advocate for what she feels is in the best interest of the children she serves. Due to her years of dedication and professionalism her presence in any situation be that in court, with DCYF staff, foster parents or with her CASA youth allows her to set a positive and productive path forward. For this we are grateful to Cotton for her 10 years of advocacy for the children of NH. – Kathleen Devlin, program manager


Juli-anne Duval

Juli-anne has advocated for 9 kids during her time with CASA. What a pleasure it has been to work alongside Juli-anne. Her unwavering dedication to the children she served is simply amazing. Recently, after her last case ended in a beautiful adoption, Juli-anne decided she needed to take a step back from her role as a CASA, as she was tying up loose ends with her career. Juli-anne has since decided that she plans to come back to CASA, full force and ready! She has a passion for this work, and plans to help as many children as she can. The children that she advocates for are so incredibly lucky to have her. -Jenn Hollinrake, program manager


Jane Greenslit

Jane has been a CASA in the Seacoast for the past 10 years and has had cases with myself as well as Jenny Sheehan as her Program Managers. Jane has had fivecases with Jenny and she says “Jane is a wonderfully compassionate CASA.  She always looks at the” big picture” as she weighs the best interest of the child(ren). Jane also understands children and their needs with a sensible, down-to-earth style.  She’s fantastic.” Jane has had 6 cases with me including one right now with an infant who was born with substances in her system. I agree with Jenny and would add that Jane is just so pleasant to work with and does not get flustered on the cases even if they get confusing or frustrating. This present case is her sixth with me so she has been busy the past 10 years here in the Seacoast.

My favorite Jane Greenslit story was a number of years ago she was working with a teenage girl who had some ideas of being an artist. Jane had the great idea of meeting her in downtown Portsmouth on a Friday afternoon for Art Around Town where artists and studios open up their spaces to the general public. This young woman had grown up in Portsmouth but had never truly experienced the art world in Portsmouth and Jane was able to bring this to life for her which was such an amazing experience for her CASA youth. Jane has been an active participant in our Support Groups over the years and all agree that Jane brings her compassion and easy-going style to the meetings and to her role as a CASA. –Steve Pruyne, program manager


Dorothy Piquado

Dorothy has been a CASA/GAL for 10 years and has served 25 children during that time period! Dorothy has spent 2,379 hours and driven 20,685 miles in her time as a CASA/GAL. Dorothy also became a Peer Coordinator in 2015 and has been helpful to new CASA’s as part of that role. Dorothy is a very reliable CASA volunteer and always turns her hours and miles in on time, which is a great relief to program managers she works with! Dorothy is strong in her advocacy, which serves the children well. Thank you, Dorothy! – Tessa Dyer, program manager


Kathi Woodard

Kathi has been a CASA/GAL for 10 years and in those 10 years she has served nine families advocating for 13 children. I have had the pleasure of working with Kathi for the last three years. Kathi is a kind, patient and outgoing individual. She has a wonderful way of interacting with the children and families she has worked with. Kathi has shown to be understanding and non-judgmental. She works hard to advocate for her CASA kids and ensure that the court has a clear picture of the children’s lives and their best interest. Because of Kathi’s dedication and advocacy she had made many children’s lives better. – Shiloh Remillard, program manager