CASA Celebrates its 15-Year Advocates

This year, six CASA volunteer advocates celebrate 15 years providing a voice for New Hampshire’s children. As part of our upcoming annual celebration, we would like to recognize them for their compassion and dedication to our children who need a strong advocate for their futures.

Susan E. Brown 

Susan has been a CASA for 15 years, and in that time she has advocated for 60 children. She is an enthusiastic advocate who continually asks to take on more cases. In her 15 years, she’s given nearly 4,000 hours of her time and has driven more than 50,000 miles. She clearly loves working with children and advocating for them to have a better life.  Susan has gone above and beyond trying to maintain contact with parents in her case to ensure a positive outcome for a child.

-Written by Mark Rissala, program manager

Terry Crisp 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Terry for a long time. The words that come to mind to describe her are tough and hardy, aristocratic, honest and fearless. Terry had infinite patience when working her CASA cases. Terry wanted to settle the issues quickly and effectively both with DCYF and the parents. Terry is resilient, resourceful and quick to learn. At times for Terry, the CASA work was challenging and frustrating however she never lost sight of the ultimate goal best interest of the children she was representing. Terry was good natured and resourceful. She knew her community well and the resources available for her families. She didn’t always make friends with others working on a case, but she was respected for her standing by her recommendations. Terry would bring to her cases innovative ideas to assist everyone. Terry was verbose and offered a lot of insight at team meetings. Terry has decided to make her 15th year her last and CASA is going to miss her. We would like to wish her happiness and good health in her retirement.

-Written by Bernadette Melton-Plante, program director

Sandy Hyslop

Sandy has been a CASA for 15 years and has served 18 children during that time period! Sandy has spent 1,160 hours and driven 16,790 miles in her time as a CASA. Sandy also became a Peer Coordinator in 2017 and has always offered to help the organization out in other ways, including speaking to her town about a request for funding. Sandy is a very reliable CASA volunteer and always turns her hours and miles in on time, which is a great relief to Program Managers she works with! Thank you, Sandy!

-Written by Tessa Dyer, program manager and Jerry Larson, technology assistant


Judith MacLellan 

Judith has advocated for 18 children over the last 15 years.  Judith is a strong and vocal advocate for the children on her case load.  Judith works hard to be thoughtful in her recommendations, and makes sure that they are always in the best interest of the child.  During her time Judith has volunteered 2,000 hours and driven almost 11,000 miles!

– Written by Erin Boylan, program manager



Cheryl Oliszczak

Cheryl has advocated for 14 children during her 16 years as an active CASA/GAL. Cheryl’s no-nonsense approach provided exceptional best interest advocacy for the children under her watch. Her ability to build rapport with birth parents was exceptional. Cheryl treated all with respect and dignity even when it was not accorded back. Cheryl never gave up and her willingness to believe in the best of people was a hallmark of her success. Cheryl is a gem and we hope she will soon return to take another case or become a peer coordinator.

-Written by Marcia Allison, quality assurance specialist

Brendan Prusik 

Brendan Prusik has advocated for 23 children, working with 16 family groups during his 15 years as an active CASA. Brendan’s calm and collected nature puts families and children at ease. Brendan has a big heart with a special place dedicated to children with special needs. He has often taken on cases that look to be especially difficult and involving challenging personalities, however Brendan has always treated every individual with respect. He has done a wonderful job with each case he has taken on. He is dependable, a team player and a wonderful advocate for children and the program. In recent months, Brendan has generously donated time to speak with potential volunteers during virtual info sessions, sharing his experience and encouraging others to get involved. Over the last 3 years I have enjoyed working with Brendan and I look forward to many more.  Thank you for all your hard work.

Written By Shiloh Remillard, program manager