CASA Celebrates its 10-Year Advocates

This year, 17 CASA volunteer advocates celebrate 10 years providing a voice for New Hampshire’s children. As part of our upcoming annual celebration, we would like to recognize them for their compassion and dedication to our children who need a strong advocate for their futures.

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer has worked with nine families and advocated for 10 children over the last 10 years in her role as a CASA. Jennifer has always been thoughtful, dedicated and very thorough in her approach to the children on her cases.  Above all else she can always be counted on to advocate for what she feels is in the best interest of the children she serves. Her dedication and professionalism in all CASA-related environments including in court, with DCYF staff, parents, foster parents or with her CASA youth has allowed her to work cooperatively with others to achieve permanency for her CASA children. Due to these traits CASA and her CASA youth have been very fortunate to have the advocacy of Jennifer in the past and moving into the future.

-Written by Kathleen Devlin,  program manager


Elaine Andrus

Elaine has been a CASA/GAL for 10 years and in those 10 years she has served 7 children. I have had the pleasure to work with Elaine for the last 6 years. Elaine is reliable, consistent, dedicated and caring. She also has a quiet, calm manner, but advocates strongly for her CASA kids. Elaine became one of very few consistent adults in the life of one of her previous CASA teens, which led to Elaine being one of the adult connections as the girl aged out of the system. Elaine’s advocacy and consistency makes my job easier and the lives of her CASA kids better!

-Written by Tessa Dyer, program manager


Paul Barry

Amazing that it has been 10 years since I first met Paul at one of the initial 100 Men for 100 Kids events in Portsmouth. Paul has done a great job as a CASA volunteer advocate over the years, and has brought his experience as a father to this role especially when he has advocated for young CASA males. Paul is a busy financial guy but has always found time to visit his CASA children, write reports, go to court and do all the important tasks that make him a reliable CASA volunteer advocate. Over the years, Paul has also helped CASA by appearing on the radio with Marty, attending many Snowfests and he was featured in our APPLA video. Paul has been active in the fight against opioid addiction here on the Seacoast, which is also a great asset in his work with CASA families.

-Written by Steve Pruyne, program manager


Maria Beasley

Maria has strongly advocated for 7 children during her time here at CASA. She is a diligent, fierce CASA who never backs down from a difficult situation. She has worked for many years with the same family because it seems that just when one case would close, the family came back into the system with a new child, and without hesitation, took the case. She really takes the time to look at every facet of the case and does a beautiful job at reporting to the court.

-Written by Jennifer Hollinrake, program manager


Diane Bourque

Diane has strongly advocated for nine children while here at CASA. She has worked tirelessly on her cases. Though quiet in nature, don’t let that fool you! She is strong and sees things through during the toughest of circumstances. Just when things look they may be going in one direction, they shift and Diane goes on and never misses a beat! I feel so lucky to work alongside her.

-Written by Jennifer Hollinrake, program manager


Raymond Brown

He’s advocated for 16 kids in 10 years as a CASA, and that’s just the beginning for Ray Brown. He is a tireless advocate, always in the know of what is going on with his cases, keeping his supervisor informed, and creating ways to keep himself up to date on the complexities his CASA kids’ lives.  He writes a great report, and has an incredible vocabulary! I always know the kids on his cases are in good hands with Ray. He is a pleasure to speak with, and you walk away from every conversation in awe of how much knowledge he has regarding these children’s lives. He is a remarkable advocate, and his CASA kids are lucky to have him.

-Written by Kristyn Bond, program manager


Carl Dias

What can I say about Carl that hasn’t been said in his being nominated and awarded the first ever Linda Egbert Outstanding Advocate Award?  Besides just being one of the good guys out there, Carl has become one of my strongest go-to advocates who will do whatever he can to help when it means helping a CASA child. Carl was trained as one of the initial Peer Coordinators and has shared his experience with many other advocates, who always report how supported and trusted they feel by Carl. Carl often says he needs to cut back in his CASA responsibilities right before he agrees to take on a new task so I will just keep asking.  Another 10 years??

-Written by Steve Pruyne, program manager



Rick Dodge

Rick has advocated on behalf of eight children in his 10 years as a CASA/GAL. He consistently rises to the challenges of this work with an unflappable spirit and gentlemanly countenance. The more complex a situation, the more Rick shines. His exacting attention to detail and ability to recall obscure, but relevant facts is remarkable; as is his compassion for the children under his watch. Rick has also served as a peer coordinator and been a sound mentor for new advocates.  He has been a joy to work with.

-By Marcia Allison, Quality Assurance Specialist


Paula Dow

Paula has been a CASA/GAL for 10 years and in that time she has served 10 children. Paula is always up for a case that involves toddlers or babies and has served on cases involving reunification, guardianship and adoption. She has a quiet, calm personality but yet, is still firm in her advocacy. It has been a pleasure working with Paula these last 10 years!

-Written by Tessa Dyer, program manager


Marty Cloran

Marty has advocated for 26 children 14 families since graduating from his pre-service training. Marty has also been a Peer Coordinator for six years and he has mentored 10 advocates who have worked with 18 children. Marty has spent 2,573 hours on case specific work, he has driven 41,773 miles. Marty has had countless visits and phone calls. Wow.

Marty has a goal is to make life better for these children. Early on Marty realized he had a talent for working with children. He presents as non-judgmental, he shows empathy to the parents, he is firm on his beliefs. The children love Marty and he has been able to develop so many great connections to these children and their parents.

Marty rarely says no to taking on a new task or case. Recently we had a situation where the assigned CASA on a case was unable to visit his children due to a medical condition, we asked Marty if he would take over as a visiting resource for these two children. He is also eager to help recruit new CASAs and has written numerous letters to the editor over the years, encouraging people to step up.

It would be fair to say Marty has almost made CASA his full-time job. Thank you for all you do.

-Written by Jerry Larson, Technology Assistant


Jane Frawley

I count myself as one of the five past and present Program Managers that have had the good fortune to have worked with Jane Frawley during her 10 years as a CASA.  During this time Jane has served nine families for a total of 18 children.

When I think of Jane in her role as a CASA, two things come foremost to my mind: her willingness to step up when called upon to meet unexpected and challenging situations; and her dedication to making sure that her CASA children have all the supports they need to be successful. An example of this occurred recently when Jane stepped up and pivoted immediately with grace and professionalism when asked unexpectedly to step into an ongoing case. This young man needed the attentions of a strong mentor who was able to put in the hard work of meet the needs of this struggling youth. In Jane he found these skills, and more, as she works diligently to make sure that he has all the services he needs as he moves forward.

-Written by Kathleen Devlin, Program Manager


Alison Lawrence

Alison Lawrence has been a dedicated CASA for over 10 years. She has been a strong advocate for 17 of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children. She is fierce in her role as the voice of the child. She always ensures that she is not only speaking to the best interest of the child in court, but also ensures the court knows what the child wants. Her kind heart and wonderful sense of humor allow her to address difficult situations with complete grace. She also provides her experience and kindness as a peer coordinator. She works closely with new CASA’s and offers guidance in their cases. She is always willing to help out in covering hearings and meetings. She has often taken cases when, due to unforeseen circumstances, a CASA has had to resign. She works closely with others and shows the utmost respect for all of those involved.

-Written by Pamela Carbee, Program Manager


Karen Manzo

Karen has spent the last 12 years speaking out for the best interest of the most vulnerable children in New Hampshire. She has been the voice of 23 children, spent over 1,600 hours and drove over 6,500 miles in the time she has been a CASA. Karen is a very strong advocate who is not afraid of a challenging situation. She is kind, caring and considerate in every aspect of her role as a CASA. She has dedicated herself to ensuring that the best interest of each child is expressed to the courts. She is respectful and listens to all parties to ensure that she is providing the court with a complete picture in each of her cases.

-Written by Pamela Carbee, Program Manager


Janet Piazza

In her 10 years as a CASA, Janet has advocated for seven children.  She is a passionate advocate who isn’t afraid to get to the bottom of what her CASA kids really need. She’s not afraid to speak up and do what is right and in their best interests. Every time I speak with Janet, I am in awe of her passion and dedication for what she does in this role.  She’s not one to stand back passively, and instead really gets to the bottom of what is needed to make these kids’ lives better.  I always have confidence in what Janet is doing, and know she will get the job done!

-Written by Kristyn Bond, program manager




Sharon Rohlfs

Sharon has been a CASA advocate since November 2009.  In that time, she has tirelessly advocated for her CASA kids, volunteering over 2,000 hours, driving over 10,000 miles and making 250 visits. Sharon is a strong and committed CASA whose ability to make connections with the children for whom she advocates, as well as the parties and service providers on her cases results in better decision making and better outcomes for her CASA kids.  She truly understands the role of a CASA because her objective in every interaction is to achieve the best interests of the children for whom she works so diligently. Sharon’s CASA kids have benefitted from having her in their lives and we have benefitted from the opportunity to know and work with her.  Thank you for advocacy – well done!

-Written by Lisa Cioffi, program manager


Clara Sheehy

Clara has advocated for 26 children over her more than 10 years of service.   She is a diligent and compassionate CASA. I have been fortunate to work with her over the years and I appreciate her dedication to children and families.  She works tirelessly, at times struggling with a heavy heart as her CASA children endure challenges. I am grateful for all of Clara’s work.

Written by Mark Rissala, program manager


Patty Tollner

Patty brings to CASA enthusiasm with that great expectations of everyone who works on her CASA cases. Patty is stoic and consistent as well as methodical – no stone is left unturned  when it comes to advocating for her CASA children. Patty really does not have the word ‘NO’ in her vocabulary she brings optimism and is always looking for that silver lining on cases. Several of Patty’s cases have been gut wrenchingly sad, yet Patty has remained cheerful and optimistic. Patty is determined to find permanency for the children she works with, traveling on many occasions to visit or meet with prospective placements for the children she represents. Social workers and parent attorneys enjoy working with Patty commenting on her professionalism. Patty always works hard to establish relationships with parents even those parents who are combative. Organizationally Patty is committed to CASA hosting support groups in her home, attending review and comment meetings for the City of Nashua where CASA was seeking funding, and appearing on local TV station and radio stations to assist with recruitment for CASA. Sincerely Patty thank you so much for your 10 years of advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children and we all look forward to another 10.

-Written by Bernadette Melton-Plante, program director

Dorothy Wondolowski

Dorothy has been a CASA since Sept. 25, 2009, when she was assigned to her first case. Dorothy has advocated for six children from five families during her tenure. Dorothy has spent 1583 hours on case specific work, she has driven 11,513 miles. Dorothy has had several long term cases each over 1250 days.

Dorothy is tenacious she takes her advocacy very seriously and does not give up on pursuing what is in the children’s best interest.

Dorothy takes on one case at a time, several of her cases lasted more than 3 years. Dorothy’s previous case closed on June 4, 2018, with an adoption. This was the second adoption for this child and as you can imagine there were a lot of trauma issues to work through. Dorothy spent many nights and weekends on the phone with the youth, the foster/adoptive parents, police, therapist and DCYF. Even though this youth was doing everything she could to disrupt the process, Dorothy stood firm and with her advocacy the youth was adopted. Many of us feel that once the child is adopted we have completed our task and can move on, not Dorothy. For the first six months after the adoption Dorothy was still available in helping the new parents in dealing with issues. Now over two years later the family no longer needs Dorothy’s help. Dorothy has taken a new role as a friend to the young lady and a help for the family. Dorothy has since taken on a new case and once again she is a tireless advocate for what the young man needs. Dorothy will likely be on this new case for years.

Thank you, Dorothy!

-Written by Jerry Larson, program manager