41 New Advocates graduated this summer!

In July and August, we virtually trained 41 new advocates to provide critical support to abused and neglected children.

The CASA-NH training team was hard at work this summer training more advocates! 41 new volunteer advocates graduated from our virtual training that we established due to the complications of COVID-19. Our virtual training is a mix of “face-to-face” Zoom sessions that feature breakout groups with other trainees and individual assignments in Google classroom.

One of our long-time volunteers, who trained to become an advocate over 10 years ago, wanted to retake the training for her own sake of advocacy.

“I found the virtual training to be very effective and was actually quite surprised at how well it went,” she says, adding that it was just as effective and informative as the in-person training that she took a decade ago.

Like it does in the classroom, virtual training is interactive and collaborative. It requires large and small group participation. It welcomes guest speakers, facilitates a virtual role play where volunteers can practice the types of conversations they’ll have with the various parties to a case and includes drafting a sample court report.

One of the training team’s favorite activities to do during in-person training was to have participants write an uplifting and positive message to their future CASA children. Now in virtual training, they have each participant go around the classroom one-by-one to say their messages. Check out the messages from the July and August classes below.

Training available this winter

CASA is accepting applicants for future virtual training sessions beginning January 6 and February 16. Interested volunteers can submit their applications today, or, join an upcoming virtual information session to learn more about the role of the CASA volunteer advocate and get specific questions answered. Register for one here.


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