Meet Faith Canner: CASA Cards for a Cause Artist

We asked friends, families, and supporters of CASA to generously submit any original artwork they thought would make a great greeting card. We were graciously overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from everyone: 70 artists submitted over 100 pieces to the fundraiser. Meet Faith Canner: one of the 19 artists whose piece was chosen to help benefit victimized children in New Hampshire.

Tulip Heaven by Faith Canner – available as a card

Faith Canner of Nashua, New Hampshire has always been some sort of artist. From dancing to acting to painting and everything in between, she finally found a form of art that has her heart: water coloring. She was more than delighted to hear that her water color painting, Tulip Heaven, was chosen as a card for our fundraiser. When explaining the title, she said, “I chose it because it reminded me of the fields of tulips in the Netherlands that I saw many years ago.” To learn about her passions, we asked Faith a few questions:

CASA: Tell us about yourself! What is your background? Do you primarily create art or do you have other hobbies/careers?
FAITH: I have been a dancer since the age of three. In later years, I added acting and singing. I thought that was what I was born to do. Life had other plans for me, as I married and started a family instead. In my 30s, I took some art lessons at adult education. From there, I went back to school at Middlesex Community College and received an Associates degree in Studio Arts in 1985. At the time, I was an oil painter. After taking a watercolor class in college, I knew I had found what I really enjoyed the most, and it has been watercolor ever since. I still dance though. In the past few years, I’ve danced with other senior ladies, like myself, through the Nashua Senior Activity Center and Allergro Dance Academy in Nashua.

CASA: Do you have a process you typically use to generate new ideas?
FAITH: Most of my art has been created from my own set-ups or from  photos that I have taken.

CASA: What are three words you would use to describe your artistic style?
FAITH: I would describe my style as realistic, detailed, and colorful.

CASA: What is your affiliation with CASA?
FAITH: I first really got to know CASA of New Hampshire when I saw an article in the newspaper for artwork two years ago. I was honored to have two of my paintings chosen then, and this will be my third.

Thank you to Faith and every other artist who submitted to the CASA Cards for a Cause Fundraiser.

Zinnia Delight by Faith Canner – available as a card

This fundraiser is yet another way ordinary people can make extraordinary efforts in combating child abuse and neglect in New Hampshire. There are so many way to help, so thank all of you who have done so.

If you’d like to purchase any of Faith’s greeting card or view the rest of the cards we sell from other local artists,



All Cards printed by Allegra of Bedford.