Meet Veda Verde: CASA Cards for a Cause Artist

We asked friends, families, and supporters of CASA to generously submit any original artwork they thought would make a great greeting card. We were graciously overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from everyone: 70 artists submitted over 100 pieces to the fundraiser. Meet Veda Verde: one of the 19 artists whose piece was chosen to help benefit victimized children in New Hampshire.

Super Colors by Veda Verde, avaliable as a card

Veda Verde is our youngest Cards for a Cause artist. Veda was just two years old when she painted her self-titled piece, “Super Colors”. Today, she is five years old and eager to participate in our Artist Spotlight story (see her answers in italics). Veda has been attending Big Art for Little Humans Art Class at Sparhawk School and Artful Adventures offered by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Verde’s artwork was first exhibited in September 2017 at the Veasey Memorial Park Homeschoolers Art Show. To learn about her and her passions, we asked Veda (and her mother, Maria) a few questions:

CASA: Tell us about yourself! What is your background? Do you primarily create art or do you have other hobbies/careers?
VEDA & MARIA: Veda is passionate about creating art. You can always find her off in a corner creating something beautiful for her own enjoyment.  Whether she is sketching out characters in her notebook, or crafting paper masks, she is always busy creating!

CASA: How long have you been creating art? How were you introduced to
this craft?
VEDA & MARIA: She has been creating art since she developed the hand-to-eye coordination to hold an item in her hand. She was introduced to painting by her grandfather Francisco L. Rivera, who is renowned artist from the island of Puerto Rico.

CASA: Do you have a process you typically use to generate new ideas?
VEDA & MARIALike my head tells me what to draw or paint and then I make it, whether it’s a unicorn or anything.

CASA: What are three words you would use to describe your artistic style?
VEDA & MARIAGood, happy and funny

CASA: Do you have any influencers in the art industry that you particularly
VEDA & MARIAHeartfelt paintings and paintings with rainbows

Thank you to Veda, Maria, and every other artist who submitted to the CASA Cards for a Cause Fundraiser. This fundraiser is yet another way ordinary people can make extraordinary efforts in combating child abuse and neglect in New Hampshire. There are so many way to help, so thank all of you who have done so.

If you’d like to purchase Veda’s greeting card or view the rest of the cards we sell from other local artists, click here to browse.

All Cards printed by Allegra of Bedford.