Meet Olivia Brooks: CASA Cards for a Cause Artist

We asked friends, families, and supporters of CASA to generously submit any original artwork they thought would make a great greeting card. We were graciously overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from everyone: 70 artists submitted over 100 pieces to the fundraiser. Meet Olivia Brooks: one of the 19 artists whose piece was chosen to help benefit victimized children in New Hampshire.

Olivia Brooks is a long-time photographer based out of Kingston, NH. Scrolling down Olivia’s Instagram page that features her beautiful photos, you will see a lot of natural landscape photos; a topic she particularly focuses on now after years of photographing other people and subjects. To learn more about her and her passions, we asked Olivia a few questions:

CASA: Tell us about yourself! What is your background? Do you primarily create art or do you have other hobbies/careers?
OLIVIA: My background is in teaching Preschool and Kindergarten.  I am currently working as a Parent Child Advocate in Early Head Start. Children are very near and dear to my heart. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands.  I sew, quilt, knit, scrapbook, and now I am focusing on my photography. I now mostly take landscape and nature photos.

CASA: How long have you been creating art? How were you introduced to this craft?
OLIVIA: I was introduced to photography by my parents, especially my dad.  I got my first camera when I was about 10 years old.  Every Christmas I would get film in my stocking and also whenever we went on vacation.  We were always encouraged to take pictures.  I bought my first 35 mm camera when I was in college, joined a camera club with my parents, entered slides in competitions and later was encouraged to become a judge.  When I had children I mainly focused my photography on them and the sports and other activities they were in.  Now that they have grown I am working with a digital camera and really enjoying the process of taking the picture and doing my own editing.

Photography by Olivia Brooks

CASA: Do you have a process you typically use to generate new ideas?
OLIVIA: I get my new ideas from looking at Facebook and Instagram to see where others have taken pictures they have posted.  I especially enjoy hiking to waterfalls, watching sunrises and sunsets.

CASA: What are three words you would use to describe your artistic style?
OLIVIA: Natural, landscape/scenery, timeless

CASA: Do you have a website or a business that you would like to share with the readers?
OLIVIA:  I do post pictures on Instagram under @obrooksphotography

Thank you to Olivia and every other artist who submitted to the CASA Cards for a Cause Fundraiser. This fundraiser is yet another way ordinary people can make extraordinary efforts in combating child abuse and neglect in New Hampshire. There are so many way to help, so thank all of you who have done so.

If you’d like to purchase Olivia’s greeting card or view the rest of the cards we sell from other local artists, click here to browse.


All Cards printed by Allegra of Bedford.