17 New Advocates Graduated from Three Trainings In October

CASA simultaneously finished three trainings in Manchester, Keene, and Berlin this month, adding an additional 17 advocates and two new staff members.

During training, new advocates are provided extensive resources and knowledge beneficial to succeeding in the role they’ve selflessly committed to. They meet a DCYF supervisor who gives an overview of their role and how CASA and DCYF intersects. They role play court hearings. They learn about addiction, abuse, and the importance of managing personal biases in unfamiliar situations. With monthly visits and check-ins with the children and all important adults in the child’s life, CASAs are able to build positive relationships with these children that allows them to represent their best interest and needs. They help ensure that even with changing caseworkers, placements and family dynamics, the voice of the child is still heard. CASA also provides plenty of support and assistance for new advocates before and during their case. They meet with Peer Coordinators, who are advocates just like them that are willing to offer the knowledge and strength they gained throughout their tough cases.

Due to New Hampshire’s opioid epidemic, the number of child abuse and neglect cases has increased not only in volume but also in complexity over the last few years. As cases continue to enter the system, we need more CASA volunteer advocates to speak up for victimized children. Anyone with time to spare and support to share with these abused children are welcome to apply. If you’re interested, click here to view the upcoming trainings we provide around the state — the schedule for the first half of 2020 will be listed soon. If you still have unanswered questions about the process and what being a CASA entails, we offer Community Receptions or Lunch & Learn events that are open to the public and will answer any of your questions or concerns you may have prior to starting the process. Check out our Facebook page to see these events. Or, call 626-4600 and a staff member can answer individual questions.

Thank you to our Manchester class (Carl, Jacine, Kate, Rande, Terry, Warren, Julie, Karen, Janice, and one of our newest Program Managers, Lura Herbrecht) our Keene class (new Program Manager Allison Riley, Ken, Kathi, Joyce, Carol, Mary, and Patience), and our Berlin class (Jeanee and Jacki).

View the photos below to read the message each of them wrote to their future CASA kids.

Manchester Class
Keene Class
Berlin Class