Manchester Training Graduates 13 New Advocates

From left to right: Janice Stowell, Frances Ginestet, Kevin Brace, Linda Gerlach, Kathy Fowler, Reena Agarwal, Mark Cossey, Marie Brownell, Cathy Harwood, Bailey Ruhm, Michele Hutchings, Fran Baddeley, and Karen Grassia

CASA finished another round of training at the end of July, adding an additional 13 advocates to our wonderful group of volunteers. Coming from all different backgrounds, these individuals completed the mandatory 40 hours of training in the short span of five days. The amount of time they’ve already dedicated speaks volumes to what they’re capable of doing in their future cases.

As an advocate, you will attend anything from teacher conferences to court meetings.They are prepared to monitor the child and their surroundings to better gauge what is right for that specific child. The training prepares our advocates to preform the tasks being handed to them and allows them the ability to make educated, well rounded, and unbiased recommendations on the child’s behalf.

Due to New Hampshire’s opioid epidemic, the number of child abuse and neglect cases has increased over the last few years. As cases continue to enter the system, we need more CASA volunteer advocates to speak up for victimized children. Anyone with time to spare and a penchant for helping children can become a CASA. If you’re interested, click here to view the upcoming trainings we provide around the state. If you still have unanswered questions about the process and what being a CASA entails, we offer Community Receptions or Lunch & Learn events that are open to the public and will answer any of your questions or concerns you may have prior to starting the process. Check out our Facebook page to see these events.

Thank you to Cathy, Michele, Janice, Karen, Kathy, Kevin, Mark, Linda, Cathy, Frances, Reena, Fran, and our newest office volunteer, Bailey. View the photos below to read the message each of them wrote to their future CASA kids.