North Country Training Graduates 11 New Advocates

Back row, left to right: Vickie Plourde, Liesl Fraser, Donna Doran. Front row, left to right: Mell Brooks, Jillian Pitre, Elizabeth DeHart, Dana Weekes, Tom Monohan, Claude Plourde, Jessica Williams, and Rick Paletta.

Our most recent volunteer training was held in the North Country this round with 11 newly graduated advocates. These individuals completed CASA’s 40-hour required training that prepared them to represent children who have fallen victim to abuse or neglect in our state.

Training is filled with tons of resources and knowledge beneficial to succeeding in the role they’ve selflessly committed to. They met current volunteers with plenty of advice they can use when they begin advocating. They met a DCYF supervisor who gave them a taste of the experiences they’ll witness first hand. They role played court hearings. They learned about addiction, abuse, and the importance of managing personal biases in unfamiliar situations. CASA provides plenty of support and assistance for new advocates before and during their case.

CASA volunteer advocates have a huge influence on the future of New Hampshire children in need. Judges even say that CASA’s are some of the most knowledgeable voice in the court room due to the time and devotion our advocates put into each individual case. With monthly visits and check-ins with the children and all important adults in the child’s life, CASAs are able to build positive relationships with these children that allows them to represent their best interest and needs. They help to ensure that even with changing caseworkers, placements and family dynamics, the voice of the child is still heard.

Due to New Hampshire’s opioid epidemic, the number of child abuse and neglect cases has increased over the last few years. As children continue to enter the system at alarming rates, we need more CASA volunteer advocates to speak up for victimized children. If you’re interested in becoming a CASA just like these 11 did, check out our upcoming training schedule here.

Thank you to Claude, Vickie, Tom, Rick, Mell, Liesl, Jessica, Elizabeth, Jillian, Dana and Donna for devoting time to protecting children in New Hampshire who need it most. Read their uplifting comments to their future CASA kids below. What words of encouragement would you give to the child you could advocate for?