A Promise Kept

Photo of CASA Volunteer Advocate Chris McCarthy In the 1970s, I was an x-ray tech in a city hospital. A child was brought in by his mother who claimed he’d injured himself when he fell. His diagnosis of a spiral fracture, a classic sign of abuse, did not match her story. The radiologist, not wanting to “get caught up in the court circus,” declined to report it.

In the 70s, there was no law for mandatory reporting.

Sadly, months later, I x-rayed that boy again. This time he was in the morgue. After doing full body x-rays it was clear that this child’s mother had abused him for years, right up to his death.

It made me sick. It made me sad. It made me feel helpless and hopeless.

I promised that little boy’s spirit that I would find a way to help other kids who are being abused. At the time, I didn’t know how but simply that I would.

In 2005, I saw an ad for CASA on TV and I knew right away that I was finally going to be able to keep my promise to that little boy. I had no legal background so I didn’t know if someone like me could truly make a difference in a courtroom. And I didn’t know if I could find the time in what was already a busy life. But I knew I had to try.

I took the training and accepted my first case the day I graduated. Fourteen years later, I am still making good on the promise I made a long time ago to that little boy.

CASA gave me a voice, which I now give to children who need it most. It truly takes a village to end the cycle of abuse and I hope you will join me in this fight. Would you please make a gift today?

Thank you!

Chris McCarthy
CASA Volunteer Advocate