Laconia Training Graduates 10 New Eager Advocates

CASA of New Hampshire welcomes 10 new volunteer advocates who completed the 40 hour training this month, preparing them to speak for the best interests of victimized children in our state. These ten, selfless advocates spent the last six weeks learning how to use their voices to advocate, support, and protect our state’s children; children who can’t use their own voices in court but need one the most.

The training process gives an overview of the family court system and tips to crafting strong court reports as well as properly presenting them to a judge. Role play activities and reading closed cased are two very important practices within the training that better prepare these advocates for their journey after graduation. They are also reminded that their biases need to be eliminated when dealing with the families they may encounter; they are reminded to be mindful and respectful of their environment, and in training they have definitely proved they are capable.

These individuals do not have a history in legal or social work, they simply all share a passion for helping children who are in need of a caring, compassionate adult to speak on their behalf. Although some CASAs may have different backgrounds, each and every one of our roughly 600 advocates share a common passion: the well being of our children. If you are interested in becoming a CASA but didn’t feel fit, remember that the majority of our volunteers are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. CASA training prepares you before you take on a case, and our staff will be here to guide you when you do accept one.

Thank you to Kate Machado, Bob Wilson, Janis Stokes, David Lorch, Lori Rocha, Liz Smith, Pam Anson, Susan Hamilton, Karen Sullivan, and Emilie Coppinger for joining us. The advocates shared words of encouragement that they wish to share to their future CASA kids. Congratulations and welcome to all!