Keene Training Graduates 16 New Advocates

In April, CASA welcomed 16 new willing and devoted advocates to our group of 500+ selfless advocates following our Keene training. These volunteers completed 40 hours of intensive training and are eager to begin advocating for the rights of our state’s most vulnerable children.

The training provides an understanding of CASA and what the volunteers are advocating for. They are given the history of child protection laws, proper court etiquette, and court report writing. This serves as a foundation for the rest of their training. These new volunteers learn about the different types of families and homes they may encounter as their journey begins. They learn to check their own personal biases so they are able to speak for the child’s best interests and not to their own personal beliefs.

Though some new advocates may be worried at first, CASA provides a strong support system for both new and senior advocates. There are monthly support groups to connect with other CASAs who may be going through similar cases. It is also very easy to get in contact with your program manager in case you have questions or concerns. New CASAs can be sure that they’ll never be left in the dark during the process, especially because we’re all working together to do what’s best for New Hampshire’s children.

Now that they have finished their training, these advocates will be assigned their first case. With a growing need for volunteer advocates, due in part to New Hampshire’s drug epidemic, these individuals will find that they have an immediate role in New Hampshire’s family court system to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Interested in becoming a CASA? Check out our volunteer information page and look for upcoming training dates here.

Thank you to the following new advocates who have joined us in this effort: Amanda Green, Bob Iwicki, Bruce Berk, Carlie Fischer, Charlotte Toia, Dave Reilley, Jim Roche, Keri Allen, Lorelei Darney Murphy, Nancy Callender, Paul Sherr, Rob Taylor, Rosie Little, Ryan Reed, Sharon Tieger, and Vicky Morton.