You’re Doing Important Work for New Hampshire’s Children

Each year, April is recognized nationwide as Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the needs of children who’ve suffered abuse and neglect and the work being done to help prevent the cycle from continuing. At CASA of New Hampshire our volunteer advocates help ensure the best interests of victimized children are represented in court, so they may grow up in loving homes free from further harm. With your help in 2018, we were able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of children in communities across the state. Take a look at what you helped accomplish!

In 2018, you helped us serve 1,488 children thanks to advocacy by 589 CASA volunteer advocates. You helped close cases for 535 children, 39% of whom were reunified with at least one of their parents and 39% of whom were adopted. Thanks to your support, whether as a volunteer or donor, 507 new children to enter the NH court system were afforded critical advocacy provided by CASA. Statewide, a volunteer advocate spoke on behalf of 73% of the children referred to CASA by the courts. This is a nearly 10% increase over 2017.

It is our goal to have the capacity to serve 100% of the state’s children in need. To do that, we need more of your help this month and throughout the year. You could apply to become a CASA volunteer advocate, commit to taking your next case if already an advocate, refer a friend, make a donation, or attend a fundraising event.

No matter how you are able to help, know that your commitment to CASA is a commitment to New Hampshire’s children who’ve suffered abuse and neglect, and it goes a long way toward helping break the cycle.

Thank you for everything you did in 2018. We hope you will continue to support the work CASA is doing for New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children as we work diligently to reach 100 percent!

Watch: Gov. Chris Sununu proclaims April 2019 as Child Abuse Prevention Month