Steve Friedman: CASA’s Energizing Committee Member, Friend and Donor!

Steve Friedman is a passionate, committed volunteer and friend to CASA. Between serving on the Snowfest committee, providing marketing opportunities through his position at The River 92.5 radio station, and networking on behalf of CASA near and far, he is truly a gift to the organization.

Steve’s energy and dedication are quickly apparent. He readily engages others in CASA’s work and provides community connections to help promote the organization’s mission. He understands the importance of our volunteer advocates’ service throughout the state, and knows that their work is critical because “It is potentially life-changing.”

“Without a CASA to represent a child’s best interests and ensure their safety and security, many of these at-risk children could face tragic outcomes,” Steve says, noting that through CASA’s involvement, “they are given a second chance. What could be more important than that?”

Steve was introduced to CASA several years ago through his work as Senior Account Executive at The River radio station. The station launched a partnership with CASA through their media sponsorship of Snowfest, CASA’s annual volunteer recognition event at Loon Mountain, and as Steve notes, “What a great partnership it has become!”

Both Steve and The River radio station have been very generous donors to CASA, supporting Snowfest and CASA Cares, CASA’s largest fundraising event. The River promotes active outreach and engagement in the communities, and they are committed to making a difference through their involvement. They continue to donate to a variety of causes, including Families in Transition, Child and Family Services and the Food Bank.

“I am so proud of our radio station,” Steve says. “We are locally owned and operated. Our owner has always been very supportive during my 18 year tenure there, allowing me and our station to help local charities like CASA by encouraging staff volunteerism, through airing PSAs, highlighting and posting events on our website, sending street teams to support events like Snowfest, and donating auction items to help raise funds.”

It also provides CASA with a non-profit rate to air ads recruiting CASA volunteers, and Steve has assisted the organization with the production of radio ads to help spread the message about our mission.

In addition to his volunteer work, Steve and his family have been generous donors to CASA, a trait he learned from his own family growing up, which he now shares with his 28-year old daughter.

“We always believed in guiding positive behaviors when she was young so she would become a contributing member of the community as an adult.”

His father had a list of charities which he supported, he said. Their family foundation, The Leopold and Ruth Friedman Foundation, managed by Steve’s brother who is an attorney, was originally started by Steve’s uncle, an original founder of Lowe’s Cinemas.

“He wanted to set an example for the family and make sure we were doing our part in donating to worthy organizations like CASA,” Steve says. “We want to inspire generations to come by providing the tools needed to overcome obstacles.”

Right now, those obstacles include the enduring opioid epidemic, which further propels Steve’s passion for CASA’s mission.

“The need for CASAs has never been greater. Opioid addiction is rampant and kids in households dealing with drug/alcohol addiction are at great risk. More volunteers are needed to stem the tide of this current epidemic that NH faces,” Steve says.

We are deeply grateful for volunteers and donors like Steve who help us address these critical issues.