Donor Spotlight: Jaye and Charlie Goodwin

Charlie and Jaye Goodwin have been part of CASA’s community of friends and supporters for more than 15 years. Their commitment to transforming the lives of vulnerable children stems from an empathic understanding that there are those who have not benefitted from the same support system they experienced as children. They also recognize the importance of providing hope for a successful future for NH’s children. Charlie notes, “These children have lived difficult lives. We are ensuring there is enough interest and support to give them much more of a chance than they would have otherwise.”

For many years, members of the Goodwin family have served as esteemed community and business leaders in Greater Manchester. Before his retirement in 2005, Charlie operated his family’s long-standing funeral home, Goodwin Funeral Home, carrying forward its legacy of personal and professional philanthropy and volunteer support. Charlie became more familiar with CASA during his tenure in funeral service when he served a family who had adopted a CASA child who later passed away. This experience was, according to Charlie, “moving and informative.”

“They were an incredible, supportive family; CASA advocates who had adopted three children,” he says.

His introduction to CASA also reinforced the thought that not everyone had the same access to a loving, stable home life.

“Both Jaye and I had safe and secure upbringings and we were also able to provide that same environment for our children,” Charlie says.

Charlie and Jaye’s parents were both involved in a variety of causes. According to Charlie, his own parents, Dorothy and David Goodwin, “Instilled in my sisters and I that our business relied on the community and we should be supportive of that community.”

In 2005, when he retired, CASA CEO and President Marty Sink approached Charlie about serving on the board. The timing was right, says Charlie and he served on the board for eight years and continues to serve on the Finance Committee.

Charlie and Jaye understand the value and impact that CASA volunteer advocates provide during these challenging times, and their generosity speaks to their passion.

“We care about the community,” Charlie says. “We care about providing a good future for children. It’s what everyone wants. We are deeply concerned about the impact of the opioid crisis on the children of New Hampshire.”

He and Jaye also know that many of the children served by our volunteer advocates may not have role models in their lives, and they appreciate the consistent example that CASA volunteer advocates set.

The Goodwins have great regard for CASA’s mission and the depth of support services the organization provides, Charlie says, noting that CASA meets a unique need unlike any other non-profit in New Hampshire.

“When we see a child being abused, everyone thinks someone should do something — and CASA does do something. CASA has so many success stories. We have saved hundreds of children from horrible situations,” Charlie says.