NewDay Solutions Selects CASA as Charity of Choice

We are pleased to announce that Kathleen “KT” Thomas and her team at New Day Solutions have selected CASA as their charity of choice! Over the last several years, KT, the founder of New Day Solutions, and her team have been committed and generous friends to CASA. From purchasing CASA’s annual holiday cards and sponsoring CASA Cares to participating in Bottomline’s Race for a Cause as both a race team and sponsor, New Day Solutions’ dedication to furthering CASA’s mission is an inspiration. They are continuously looking for ways to promote CASA and our work throughout the state. This fall, KT interviewed Marty as part of her “Money Matters” podcast, and recently she became an active member on CASA’s resource development committee.

This past month, KT was chosen as one of four presenters at the IMPACT. Portsmouth speaker series featuring change makers impacting their communities, and designated CASA as her recipients of the event’s proceeds.

“We are a firm vested in the families of our clients, and understand that we get to see the opportunities and challenges for clients and their children. With that said, we know that there are many families not able to provide even the basics including a safe environment for their children. “We wanted to align our resources with a cause that works to help at risk children in our state. The CASA mission is all about representing the best interests of at risk children. “We believe that every child should have opportunities to advance, and we wanted to be a small part of helping these at risk children in our community.”  -Kathleen “KT” Thomas

Listen to the podcast here.

If your company would like to help CASA further our reach, please consider designating CASA as your charity of choice, Contact Suzanne Lenz via email or at 603-626-4600 ext. 2124.

Thank you to NewDay Solutions for your incredible commitment to New Hampshire’s abused and neglected children!