Keene Training Graduates 6 New Volunteer Advocates

Fall training kicked off in the Monadnock Region in September! Please join us in welcoming 6 new volunteer advocates who are stepping up to be the voice for abused and neglected children in New Hampshire’s family court system.

CASA volunteer advocates complete a comprehensive, 40-hour training prior to accepting a case. This training prepares them for all aspects of being a CASA volunteer advocate, from court reporting writing to learning how to interact with a victimized child. They are fully educated on the effects of addiction, domestic violence and other abuse factors. They complete training exercises that help to draw out their personal biases to approach each case with a clean slate and only one goal, to represent the best interest of the child.

CASA volunteer advocates hold the unique role of visiting and speaking with the child or children involved in their case at least once a month. They maintain contact with parents, foster parents and all other important adults in the child’s life.¬†This consistency allows them to know what the child wants and helps them to relay the information to the judge in a clear and effective manor.

Each of these individuals come from a different background with varying life experiences, but they hold one similar passion: wanting to change the lives of our state’s most vulnerable children. Thank you, advocates, for your commitment to New Hampshire’s children!

Pictured are: Steve McGrath of Sunapee, Ellen Sanborn of Amherst, Jacqueline Sendrowski of Troy, Theresa Ford of Winchester, Marion Gibson of Greenfield (not pictured in group shot) and Michael Hirschfield of Warner!