20-Year CASA Kay Kenyon Earns Volunteer Service Award

Congratulations to Kay Kenyon, a 20-year volunteer with CASA of New Hampshire, who was awarded an “Outstanding Volunteer Service Award” at the NH Spirit of Giving Awards in November. This award recognizes “individuals and groups who provide volunteer services that strengthen communities and improve the lives of the citizens of New Hampshire. These awards honor outstanding volunteers – or groups of volunteers – who reflect the strong ethic of service and volunteerism in our state.”

Kay took her first CASA case back in 1997 and has advocated for children on 20 total cases since then. She was recognized for her years of service at our annual meeting in June and her supervisor Jonelle Gaffney had this to say about Kay:

Kay Kenyon has had 20 cases in her 20 years at CASA!  How wonderful is that?!  Kay shows just as much drive and dedication to these children now as she did back when she started in 1997.  Kay is incredibly spot on when it comes to the needs of these children. She is especially skilled at speaking up about the children’s educational needs. She is feisty and appropriately fierce.  She has had several supervisors over the years, and I do believe most would agree with me that if you do not read her court report carefully enough, she will often times try to insert a sentence or two that “tells it like it is” rather than the objective voice she should have. We are at the point that we can joke about it when I ask her to either remove it or soften it.  Kay will say, “Oh, you found it…ok, I’ll take it out.”  She is one of those CASAs that when a difficult case comes in you think of her immediately. After 20 years of doing this work, she just gets it and knows her role so well. I truly am blown away by your unwavering commitment to your children. Here’s to 20 more years!

Congratulations, Kay, on your latest recognition. It’s an honor very well deserved!