All Children Deserve an Advocate – You Could Be Their Voice

Connie Sampson

Hillsborough, NH

How long have you been a CASA?
I have been a CASA for one year!

Number of cases you’ve worked on:

Number of children you’ve worked with:

Why did you decide to become a CASA and why do you continue to give your time to CASA?
My two children were young when their father and I got divorced.  Their dad, stepmom and I parented together as a team through the years raising two amazing young men.  I count my blessings every day that we were all very fortunate to still have that strong bond as a family despite the dynamics.  CASA gives me the opportunity to give back and to be a voice for children who are so deserving of having that same bond despite their own dynamics.

Tell us about a learning experience you’ve had as a CASA.
CASA has taught me that love comes in many different forms when it comes to  children.

Share a memorable outcome from one of your cases, or, if your case hasn’t closed yet, something positive you’ve seen come from your case so far.
I have been very fortunate to see parents work really hard to get their children back.  The process is not always easy and they have to jump through hoops to correct the wrongs but they have been willing to go the distance!

What would you say to encourage someone who has been thinking about becoming an advocate? 

I would tell them to stop thinking and just do it!  All children deserve someone to advocate for them, and their voice could make a difference in a child’s future.