Fundraise For CASA of NH

Give up your birthday… or wedding… or anniversary! Instead of presents this year, ask friends and family to help you help a child.

As CASA of NH celebrates 25 years of protecting the rights of abused children, we ask you to help us reach 100% of the children in need. Use your CASA campaign page to tell friends and family why you have chosen to help ensure that every child has a voice when they need it most. It’s easy to setup, and it’s even easier to let everyone know how important CASA is to you.

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It’s in partnership with people like you that CASA of NH is able to touch the lives of thousands of children throughout New Hampshire. Thank you for helping us spread the word of CASA and the incredible work of our volunteer GALs. Give yourself and your supporters a round of applause. Now, isn’t that better than receiving another vase?!