CASA Says Goodbye to Longtime Seacoast Volunteers

The Seacoast Office of CASA has lost the service of two longtime volunteers, Lin Roy and Martha Burton.  Jenny Sheehan and Steve Pruyne, CASA Supervisors, are sad to have to say “Good-Bye” to these two volunteers but both feel privileged to have worked with them over the years and to have supported them in their great work with families in the Seacoast.  Both of these CASAs were consistent members of our Support Groups and other Seacoast CASA events.

Lin Roy (left) came to CASA in 2006 and had spent her career working in schools with middle school children.  Over her years with CASA, she worked with 10 families in the Brentwood and Portsmouth Family courts.  Lin worked with one young woman for over 5 years and this was an extremely difficult case which ended up with hearings in several courts throughout the case.  She was able to stay on this case and was a constant support for this CASA child even when she lived up at Crotched Mountain.  Lin was willing to make these long trips to support her CASA children.

Lin was one of the Seacoast Go-to CASAs who would cover hearings in a pinch and would take on cases that were difficult to assign.  Lin’s tenure with CASA finished with her being willing to take on a long-time CASA case (opened in 1999) and to stay involved as both siblings aged out of the system at the age of 21.  Although the case was closed in late December 2012, Lin will stay connected with other professionals to make sure that this young man has an appropriate home for his adult years.  This dedication and consistent support will be missed yet we are so thankful for Lin’s service to CASA over the years.

Martha Burton came to CASA as a retired UNH Mathematics professor in 2004.  Over the years, Martha worked with 13 separate families and took cases out of the Brentwood, Portsmouth and Rochester courts.  To say that she would help out where she was needed would be an understatement! Martha’s last day as a CASA was spent in the Portsmouth Family Court as she was present as the last of her two CASA children were adopted by a great family. This was the first day of the rest of their lives and seems a fitting farewell to the service of Martha Burton as a CASA. Martha was approached by Jason Escabi, DCYF Supervisor, when he heard that this would be Martha’s last case and thanked for her service. Jason did not have to do this but he did so because he was aware of Martha’s dedication and consistency over the years she served as a CASA volunteer

Our heartfelt thanks go out to these two, fabulous volunteers. You will be missed!

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