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Dover Graduates 8 New Advocates

Through inclement weather and holiday preparations, 8 individuals ended their year by becoming volunteer advocates. These community members completed 40 hours of training in preparation to represent abused and neglected children in their local family courts. The training operates in a standard class room setting that involves role playing, meeting with local judges, and great […]

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Plymouth Welcomes 4 New Advocates

Four advocates from the Plymouth training are ready to start the new year with a new purpose. These four individuals completed 40 hours of training preparing them to advocate for New Hampshire’s abused and neglected children.¬†With words of encouragement for their future CASA kids, they are excited to begin advocating and giving back to their […]

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Berlin Graduates 8 New Advocates

With winter fast approaching, 8 North Country advocates graduated in November. Each volunteer left CASA’s 40 hour training with an abundance of knowledge, and a new passion to advocate. These 8 individuals will be the voice for children victim to abuse and neglect in the New Hampshire court system. Welcome, and congratulations to all! From […]

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